Thrashing in Hope

By Ginny Mink

They drip

like rain off the rooftop

my prayers

At least that’s how it feels

crashing pointlessly

into mindless puddles that quickly dissipate

Oh they’re consistent

like tears in the shower

and rain in Seattle

but they’re heavy

crashing on muddy

or muddled


They need wings

to soar

break the stratosphere

touch the highest heavens

and the ears of God

instead I drown in them

thrashing alone

in hope

He hears

He sees

but will His hand


1384527994134Ginny Mink is a mother of three. She makes homemade natural soaps and spends lots of time reading and studying the Bible. She believes life has a sense of humor and tries to laugh in the face of heartache. She recently published her first fictional novel: The Healer.