Art by Ruth E. Fabiano

My whole goal is to somehow not just translate a landscape or an animal, but to paint the feelings and memories about a place. People don’t often remember something as a photograph – they remember the movement, music, wind, feeling. I think I’m really starting to hone in on that in my pieces.

Ruth E. Fabiano is a contemporary painter and artistic Jill-of-all-trades working from her studio in upstate South Carolina. She works in the mediums of wood, canvas, and sculpture. She has a B.A. in anthropology from Buffalo State College, which gave her the opportunity to travel to unusual places.  These landscapes and cultural experiences can be seen in her paintings.

While mainly a self-taught artist, she has attended many workshops and classes. She tips her hat to the classical artists, but also contemporaries such as CBjork, Elena Kotliarker, and Sarah Thomas.
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Art by Kaylee Morgan

Connecting the principles and elements of design to the human experience is the foundation of all my work. Art opens my perception to share and express the intangible aspects of life that are not easily explained. Everything around me teaches lessons that grows my inner being and art is my only outlet to comprehension.

Abundance (oil on paper)

This piece is filled with odd angles and bold colors to show the concept behind the true meaning of abundance. Abundance is everywhere if we look in the right direction and angle. Even in the fruit we eat, its strength and natural healing properties are undermined on the daily, generally. So to show the abundance in the simple things in life, I painted this fruit still life to make you look a little deeper -in between the lines- of your daily life. To show that there really is always something to be grateful for, even if in that the moment, it might just be the fruit you eat.

Womban (watercolor, charcoal, pastels on paper)

The concept behind this mixed media piece is to show the different aspects and layers to a woman. She walks with poise and charisma with her head and chest up high, projecting fearlessness, which is what strong womanhood is all about. The warm colors embrace the touch and energy the feminine gives to the world and her abstract strokes and shapes show the multidimensionality of the female mindset.

Kaylee Morgan is a Chilean American fine artist who explores the depths of nature, humanity, and the unknowns with her art career. She has focused on mastering her art knowledge and skills for over 12 years and jump started her professional art career with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Oregon State University. She currently resides in Bend, OR, working as a professional artist creating her own art works, custom art works, and assisting in a local Latin American Folk Art gallery. You can see her portfolio online and view her shop of Etsy.

Art by Simone Delise Hill

FB_IMG_1491368534193.jpgSimone Delise Hill is a twenty-nine-year-old, self taught, female contemporary artist and writer born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Simone’s work consists of all original concept acrylic paintings, poetry, and screenplays. She paints what appeals to her, be it a bowl of rice and beans or a woman’s bush.  Her general theme is bright and bold colors against black and white; with the main concepts being women, human connection, perception and self awareness or lack there-of. Simone’s paintings are an attempt to understand.

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Art by Emanuel Iral

Planet-Prismatis.jpgEmanuel Iral is a firm believer of the power of the singular self. As an artist, he extracts inspiration from introspection and his inner subconscious. His work is unique in its embedded concept of prismatis, Latin for prism. Prismatis is defined by the notion of separating the three main components of art: the artist, the artwork, and the audience. Emanuel believes that that separation is what allows for the complete purity of art, eliminating the barriers of human institutions in order for art to exist as the perfect ideal.

Looking Up by William Trostel

William Trostel is a freelance photographer based out of central Pennsylvania. He would very much still consider himself an infant in his photography career, considering he picked up a camera a little over two years ago. But ever since he has been grinding at it non-stop to take him to where he is now, which is a full time career. He originally started shooting street and landscape photography, which then transferred to shooting a lot of portraits. He goes for a very washed out, unsaturated film look in his current photos, and he’s really enjoying that look, as well as the progression of his work. Growing is vital as an artist, so do not be scared of change. In the years to come, he hopes to continue to work with brands and new individuals, all why growing as an artist and an individual.

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The Affleck Riots by A.W. Owens


I’ve always been attracted to using a more minimalistic style in my artwork, it just gives a clean and ordered feel to it.  My first series, which became the main title to every series I’ve done since, was “The Affleck Riots,” which focused on randomness through color, shape, and opacity where series two “T.A.R. C+L” focused on connectivity using circles and lines with varying degrees of opacity with an added 3D Anaglyph style.

My artwork became more minimalistic with “The Off White Album,” which was my first series to move away from the 42 piece count I stuck to in the first two series.  “The Off White Album,” which focused on randomly chosen architecture located in Germany, and “The Blue Sides,” which focused on the past and present homes of mine, both feature barely visible architectural shapes with shades of white or blue varying in opacity on an off white or blue background.

Moving forward I started the CMYK series which focuses on object repetition in a loose CMYK color format.

image1-2.JPGAnthony W. Owens (A.W. Owens) was born in San Diego, CA and currently lives in Orland, CA.  Anthony is an Artist, Colorist (Comic Book), Graphic Designer, Map Maker and Editor.

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Sierra-Tahoe Fine Art by Shanti Parks


Shanti Parks is a Miwok artist living in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, not far from where she was born. Her family has been in these mountains since the beginning, and she is proud of that. Living in this playground of recreation means that there is no end of inspiration for someone who loves to paint wildlife and landscapes. Every creek and hill holds some new beautiful vista to behold. When the seasons change, it is all new again.

picWhen Shanti began her family, her art really took a backseat to other priorities, but now that her children are older, she again picked up her paintbrushes and pallet and has been creating art, inspired by her surroundings culture, and life. Shanti is a traditional practitioner of her culture, an avid advocate for Native rights, and a supporter of art as a vital mental health tool, not only for the native community, but for society at large. Her work ranges from realistic, to illustrative and abstract. Some subjects, she says, just look better that way. She is a resident artist at the Maidu Museum and Historic Site in Roseville CA, with works on display regularly, and can be found offering paintings for display in local businesses in her small town as a marketing option for both parties to help her small town economy. She has been a featured story teller about her home in print and radio, and will be working on a YouTube channel soon.

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