Poetry by Kerri Gates-White


The Reckless Ones

The windshield drowns in moisture
No one can judge us now
Can’t hear our intellect now
How can they say we’re different now?
They can’t see our originality
through the window tint
Can’t hear our voices over their own emptiness
Water the seeds to murder the crop
hide the burdens to birth the stupidity,
yet after all that, we’re the reckless ones.

Why expect they could see through clear glass
when they can’t even render themselves?
Little cowards with so much potential
throwing it away for a quick glance at society

If the crowd measures individuality
we’d be the big zero, but numerous in translucency
beaten to death with today’s extremely ‘high’ standards,
built on a reputation that denies morals their existence,
yet after all that, we’re the reckless ones

To be described as such but feel so relaxed;
we’re not the ones demolishing our future’s potential.
Maybe tomorrow, today will mock the unjustified yesterday
Maybe they’ll fall into an inevitable maturity;
Maybe they’ll fall into us,
yet after all that, we’re still the reckless ones…


It’s raining
and I’m standing here
on the world to turn a little faster.

The sun is covered
by the irritated clouds
they’ll return his freedom.

I flow
like the whites of the ocean
to come in contact with beauty.
I hope you know that beauty is you.

fills a dark sky;
You are nowhere to be found.
I sit here
in the past from which I’ll never emerge.

Turn You Into A Song

When you’re not around,
I turn you into a song.
I channel through
the world of lyrics
until I find a melody
with you inside of it.

I listen deeply
sing all the words I know,
and turn my empty sad mind
into a happy place that I envy.

I Outloved You

If I told myself,
even for a second,
that I needed you at all…

That was a second
my mind was displaced.

I guess you never knew
just how much
of a pathological nuisance
you had become.

You’re just too deaf
to intelligence
to notice,
but hear me
(for once)
when I say
that’s exactly what you are-
a nuisance, to say the least.

If, in a desperate moment,
I needed you
but you were long gone.

I supressed; overcame.
Your memory dissipated
like dew on the green,

…and I outloved you.

11150563_10153269391608205_3093378684527190742_nKerri Gates-White is a 29-year-old writer and an amateur photographer from Jackson, Tennessee. Writing since childhood, Kerri received third place in a writing contest at the age of 14. She had multiple poems published by a local publishing company at that time.  Kerri is a mother of two daughters, ages 6 and 9. She works in retail management, and is currently a Junior at Belhaven University. She is studying to obtain her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Criminal Justice.

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The Matchbox by Antwan J. Thompson


Vulnerability lies inside the box
Unpredictability lies with you
Or me (if you can hold me accountable)

Endangerment will strike immaturity
If you have to leave

You say you love me
But it was a ruse
You say I’m in denial
But whose flames that was lit
Stroke it around foolishly
And lend it astray to it misfortune

Now the damage is done
For I
Am living for your death
In my blazing kingdom of demise

Antwan J Thompson was born and raised in Maryland. His creative writing began in middle school, where he discovered his passion for writing. On and off, he has continued to write in his book when opportunity arrises. Most of his poems are based true story about his everyday life and emotions.

Poetry by Michael Waite


The grand facade of many faces
Makes tough to tell who holds the aces
and distant memories of hands played
beguiles the hearts of many spades
and when the dealer lays it down
the king on table holds his crown
cause once the hand is cursorily glanced
all players share an equal chance
to play or pass raise or call
your final bet could win or lose it all.

Michael Waite was born to Richard and Alicia Waite on November 22, 1973, in Northridge, California. He was educated at San Diego Community College and graduated in 1996 with a degree in Legal Studies.His pursuit in life is to live a rich and content life free from the chains of his own thoughts. His inspirations in writing are Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, John Steinbeck, and Edgar Allan Poe. His beliefs are that this universe has an ultimate order and sequence and someone put these elements in to play. Hopefully one day he can meet this individual.

Equilibrium’s Story by Madalyn Doty


Against the odds of entropy
I am climbing Pascal’s triangle
Playfully dancing on top
I witness the lattices of coincidence colliding
Their gravity sucking me into a dimension of mystical understanding
Where that moment and oneness are all that exist

I awaken back into reality
Gloating in the nirvana of finding a truth
I promise myself not to forget
Walking forward and following my heart gracefully
I take note when synchronicity shows its smile
And show mine when I see parts of myself in all that is surrounding

Now still moving forward
But looking in the wrong direction
I hit the face of a mighty barrier
The rush of pain and confusion fills me
Where did this come from?
How will I get past this?

I realize the choice is mine
Trusting my intuition
I let creativity flow freely
Let it guide me through the menacing unknown terrain
At times making mistakes
But learning from every step

Reaching the horizon stronger than ever
I look back and am humbled by the gift this obstacle gave me
I guess pain and pleasure are the same
Complexity and simplicity do exist together in paradox
I am connected to the entirety of the universe
Who’s outer space is just as infinite as the inner space of my mind

picMadalyn is an artist from Loveland, Colorado and has a deep passion for learning in her everyday life. After two years of college, she took off into the wilderness, seeing and experiencing many of the beautiful natural areas of the United States and even traveling to South America the last five weeks of her journey. Now in the month since she has returned it is her time to gather, reflect, and create.

Madalyn loves diving into creative space, exploring the subconscious, and returning with reflections of her experience and feelings. She uses this process as a way of healing and hopes this healing will radiate out into the universe for all. When she creates her art, she goes to a place that is beyond the regular dimensions of space and time. In that place, she is able to look at the big picture and see how everything she has learned is interconnected. Each piece is a manifestation of this.

Contact her at maddiedoty222@gmail.com.