At Ampersand Literary, our goal is to provide a place where writers and artists can share their work. We recognize that there are few platforms for amateur artists to showcase their talent, and we aspire to create a home for new ideas, where past experience has no bearing on present worth. With our publishing outlet, we hope to inspire a supportive community where artists of all types can share, grow, critique, and thrive.

Why an Ampersand?

The & has two primary functions: to list things and to connect things.

Art in general is a list of specific practices. We consider writers, painters, photographers, and anyone else who trades in a storytelling medium an artist. At Ampersand, we want a “list” of every kind of art out there. Stories & articles & paintings & photographs. We want it all.

We also want to connect things. We want to make connections between a story on the page and a story on a canvas. We want to connect writers and readers, artists and audiences, aspiring authors and published ones. Ampersand is meeting place for artists and ideas, a forum to connect art and people.


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