Art by Kaylee Morgan

Connecting the principles and elements of design to the human experience is the foundation of all my work. Art opens my perception to share and express the intangible aspects of life that are not easily explained. Everything around me teaches lessons that grows my inner being and art is my only outlet to comprehension.

Abundance (oil on paper)

This piece is filled with odd angles and bold colors to show the concept behind the true meaning of abundance. Abundance is everywhere if we look in the right direction and angle. Even in the fruit we eat, its strength and natural healing properties are undermined on the daily, generally. So to show the abundance in the simple things in life, I painted this fruit still life to make you look a little deeper -in between the lines- of your daily life. To show that there really is always something to be grateful for, even if in that the moment, it might just be the fruit you eat.

Womban (watercolor, charcoal, pastels on paper)

The concept behind this mixed media piece is to show the different aspects and layers to a woman. She walks with poise and charisma with her head and chest up high, projecting fearlessness, which is what strong womanhood is all about. The warm colors embrace the touch and energy the feminine gives to the world and her abstract strokes and shapes show the multidimensionality of the female mindset.

Kaylee Morgan is a Chilean American fine artist who explores the depths of nature, humanity, and the unknowns with her art career. She has focused on mastering her art knowledge and skills for over 12 years and jump started her professional art career with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Oregon State University. She currently resides in Bend, OR, working as a professional artist creating her own art works, custom art works, and assisting in a local Latin American Folk Art gallery. You can see her portfolio online and view her shop of Etsy.


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