Song of the Prairie Night by Duane L. Herrmann


Howling, calling,
yipping joy:
coyotes all around
in communion.
Others too
join their songs:
owls in speech,
sleepy birds,
while more
rustle grass
as they pass.
Wind stirs trees –
bending branches
whispering secrets
of the leaves.
Insect chorus
whirrs and chirps
while deer
sleep soundly
hidden safe
in grass and brush.
Clouds slip silent
in and out
while the moon
smiles over all
and stars
move silent by.

DLH Lib #1.jpgDuane L. Herrmann was born in Topeka, a fifth generation Kansan who was farming on a tractor by age 13. His continued connection to the land is reflected in his stories and poems. He is also a historian of the Baha’i Faith in Kansas whose work has been published in a dozen countries, in four languages, and has been quoted and cited as an authority on various aspects of the religion. His books can be found in libraries through the US, Europe, and the Middle East. He is an educator who has been adjunct faculty for Allen College and a guest lecturer at universities. His work has received the Robert Hayden Poetry Fellowship, the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award, and is included in the Kansas Poet’s Trail, the Map of Kansas Literature, and American Poets of the 1990s. All this despite a traumatic childhood embellished by dyslexia, ADD and PTSD.

Learn more about Duane and his work on his website.


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