Portraits on Recycled Trash by Dion Hitchings

Within my artwork I have found my own “unique world”
which has no rules or boundaries.
My inspirations are varied and vast, everything from dreams and Indians, nuns and demons,
the Jerry Springer Show and chickens to sins and celebrities.
My world and therefore my art,
is guaranteed to be colorful, self-revealing, emotional, childlike and
an “eye full” to all who view it.

I purposely choose to use untraditional media.
I create my works with various
children’s art supplies including, crayons, magic markers, highlighters and Using consumer boxes, discarded furniture and “trash”
instead of traditional drawing surfaces
has enabled me to break down preexisting print, images, and textures
while allowing the type and pictures from the recycled object
to become organically part of the portrait.

During the creative process, I discovered the need to deconstruct
then reconstruct the face to fit within the shape of the surface.
The results are portraits that have a shattered appearance
with broken and missing pieces but also form a more
powerful, interesting and often disturbing viewpoint.

Portraits on Recycled Trash
offers a glimpse into my own unique world,
that is filled with altered and more complex viewpoints
and an opportunity for the viewer to

Think Outside the Box.

14361320_1101415903241036_39152071641297922_oDion Hitchings was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. His mother found out she was pregnant two weeks after his father’s funeral. He took up drawing at age three and never put the crayons down. Dion graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis and began a career in  art directing fashion advertising. He also met the person who would be his significant other for the next 23 years. He has worked in both Chicago and New York City.

After a series of changes within a four-year period, including losing his bf to a car accident, living through 9/11, and getting laid off, Dion altered his priorities. He got a new job, met someone new, and realized he needed to draw again.


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