Oil Paintings by Hannah Duggan

In Our Fleeting history, Hannah incorporates images of ancient ruins of past cultures to expose the relative minuteness and ephemeral qualities of current events, symbolized through the fragile newspaper, when contrasted to the length and weight of our entire human history.

Trivial is a critique of the shallow nature of the media. Advertisements, pearls, and peacock feathers visually overtake the more subtle black and white images of war. Often the more serious and tragic news stories seem to be pushed aside by pop culture.

Hannah collected the majority of her collage subject matter from a gas station for her piece Wealth. Through her use of lottery tickets, junk food, raffle tickets, and one dollar bills, the piece examines the socioeconomic dilemma of how wealth can be obtained, especially when one has little means to begin with.  

Hannah Duggan is an emerging artist from Athens, Georgia. She is currently attending the University of Georgia, working towards her BFA in painting and drawing.

Hannah is interested in culture and current events, choosing to convey her ideas through symbolism. She collects newspaper articles, images from magazines and other miscellaneous forms of print media which she combines to create collages that are a basis for her oil paintings. Her work addresses aspects of American culture, the media, and tragedy. You can find more of her work on her website.


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