Winston Salem by Patrick Lynch

The images I make in local cities became more of a project after photographing direct positive images using my 5×7 camera in Winston Salem. I decided I wanted to explore the city a bit more and be a bit quicker on my feet so I started making trips with my digital cameras. I still prefer making black and white images. Stone, concrete, metal and glass seem to lend themselves well for this. The architecture found in the cities is amazing to me as is seeing how it has changed over time. When I take members of my photo club with me I tell them to look up. Much of the story in the city is up. 

selfi-5x7-fbsPatrick M. Lynch currently calls Welcome, North Carolina home. A photographer for over twenty-five years, Patrick has worked in various formats of both film and digital. Most of his current efforts involve black and white photography and he often experiments with one of his large format cameras using direct positive paper or paper negatives. Patrick enjoys creating high contrast images that are simple yet attention-grabbing, evoking emotion in the viewer.

In both his professional and personal work, Patrick’s images continue to be reproduced and displayed throughout the world. Photokina in Cologne, Germany was a special honor as the request was to display his direct positive work at the Ilford booth. You can find more of his work on his website and on Facebook.


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