Art by Lauren Ammirati

While enjoying a neo-beatnik lifestyle in San Francisco’s historic North Beach, I focused on photography and started to use my photography to collage with – I refers to this method as painting with pictures. I had the opportunity to show my first ‘painting with pictures’ piece in a neighborhood art show where my piece was featured alongside Beat luminary Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

laurenBorn and raised in Long Island, NY, Lauren Ammirati graduated cum laude from the Fash- ion Institute of Technology in Display & Exhibit Design. In 2007, Lauren moved across the country from New York to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art, where she studied Set Design for Motion Pictures & Television. With experience in both the visual art and pro- duction design worlds, she shines at drawing people into her texturally complex environments that she creates in her work.

Lauren could be found triangulating the Bay Area from 2011 – 2016, showcasing her three- dimensional mixed media art and photography at prominent art shows such as High
Art at the Oakland Museum, Chocolate and Art, SF RAW, the Marin Artist’s Society and Through the Lense. In 2013, her work was featured in a digital art show that was projected on a building in Times Square. In 2015, her photograph, Sunset in North Beach, was hon- ored at a private reception at the Fifth Annual Exposure Award at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France and was published in a Sky Collection book through See.Me. She has also received three Special Recognition Awards for Outstanding Art in Photography from the Light Space & Time Online Gallery. In 2014, Lauren wanted an affordable way for people to enjoy her art, so she started an artwear clothing company called LaLa Artwear.

Recently, Lauren has relocated to the Pacific North West to Eugene, OR, where she can be found exploring the new region with her camera and finding inspiration from the Wil- lamette River.

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