Art by Zach Sierocki

Living and painting with a Peter Pan-like mindset, I try to bring that 90’s nostalgia to my work, the one we all love to feel. I really try to connect the personality of my paintings to a character. Either my own characters that I’ve doodled on the sides of important papers in school, or memorable faces from T.V.”

This Squidward Tentacles titled “Monday” painting really defines my work. The blues bring to life the mundane emotion that Squidward so powerfully carries. Yet the golden frame expresses the very swellheadedness that only Squidward can define.

“Pichu” is a 3 ft. tall commissioned piece done for 2 young boys to add that fun artistic touch to their room.

image1.JPGZach Sierocki is a Pittsburgh based artist with a degree in color. Inspired by love, cartoons, and music Zach’s number one goal is to make you smile when looking at his work.

Zach welcomes commission work from logo designs to murals.
Find Zach online:

One thought on “Art by Zach Sierocki

  1. Pop artist Zach Sierocki is one of Pittsburgh’s up and coming artist. His vibrant paintings provide childhood virtue to anyone’s collection. His themes speak to the heart and soul of the child in each of us. His canvases are pickled with technically orcastrated colors that provide depth and emotion to iconic brands. Zach is a paaaionate and driven individual and his craft is a true reflection of the troubled teen we were all once with the wisdom of true personal reflection.


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