Art by Chris Topper

Nothing appeals to me more than a well thought out and composed still image. I can get lost in it, become it, and discover more about myself as a human being. I am expressing visually what isn’t usually discussed. Moments when we feel out of place, as if we don’t know our purpose or destiny.

Our world is saturated with energy. Emanating from every entity, real and imagined. I want to hold on to the wonder I knew as a child and simultaneously scrutinize things from an adult perspective. When my work is viewed the intention is to give the audience a hope full feeling, while being keenly aware of the challenges that were overcome or lie in wait. When a viewer includes their own interpretations, it is most inspiring.

Without being overly apathetic towards the negative, I hold on to the positive things that make us human. Our overwhelming range of emotions when it relates to sorrow, compassion, struggle, achievement, and happiness are prevalent themes. My desire to capture intangible feelings and translate them into visual stimulation is the crux of my work. I study drawing and painting daily not only for a love of the technical skill involved, but for what it enables you to create.


Chris Topper is a fine artist and illustrator currently residing in Portland, Oregon. As a young boy he could not shut off his imagination, which wasn’t always in his favor. He loved anything with visual appeal and would draw constantly. Influences include gallery paintings, film, illustrated books, sculpture, architecture, nature, and even antiques. His current personal work is in the form of large oil paintings on canvas. Subject matter varies from the mysteries and struggles of life, human endurance, overcoming challenges, the consequences of the choices we make, and how we are all connected in some way at sometime.

Chris received his BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His commercial illustration work is done digitally or with a combination of digital and traditional tools. He is currently working on a series of oil paintings to display. When not drawing or painting he is playing guitar, running, getting lost in a library, or looking through his book and movie collections. You may also find him enjoying the solitude of a walk in the woods or shuffling through the masses on city streets.

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