Equilibrium’s Story by Madalyn Doty


Against the odds of entropy
I am climbing Pascal’s triangle
Playfully dancing on top
I witness the lattices of coincidence colliding
Their gravity sucking me into a dimension of mystical understanding
Where that moment and oneness are all that exist

I awaken back into reality
Gloating in the nirvana of finding a truth
I promise myself not to forget
Walking forward and following my heart gracefully
I take note when synchronicity shows its smile
And show mine when I see parts of myself in all that is surrounding

Now still moving forward
But looking in the wrong direction
I hit the face of a mighty barrier
The rush of pain and confusion fills me
Where did this come from?
How will I get past this?

I realize the choice is mine
Trusting my intuition
I let creativity flow freely
Let it guide me through the menacing unknown terrain
At times making mistakes
But learning from every step

Reaching the horizon stronger than ever
I look back and am humbled by the gift this obstacle gave me
I guess pain and pleasure are the same
Complexity and simplicity do exist together in paradox
I am connected to the entirety of the universe
Who’s outer space is just as infinite as the inner space of my mind

picMadalyn is an artist from Loveland, Colorado and has a deep passion for learning in her everyday life. After two years of college, she took off into the wilderness, seeing and experiencing many of the beautiful natural areas of the United States and even traveling to South America the last five weeks of her journey. Now in the month since she has returned it is her time to gather, reflect, and create.

Madalyn loves diving into creative space, exploring the subconscious, and returning with reflections of her experience and feelings. She uses this process as a way of healing and hopes this healing will radiate out into the universe for all. When she creates her art, she goes to a place that is beyond the regular dimensions of space and time. In that place, she is able to look at the big picture and see how everything she has learned is interconnected. Each piece is a manifestation of this.

Contact her at maddiedoty222@gmail.com.


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