Poetry by Phe Needham


Shadow Girl

Into the woodwork she fades
slowing her beating heart, breathing
disappearing into nothing to wait
patiently and quiet she becomes one
with her surroundings.

When she wants to be seen, she is
brighter than any bonfire, firework, meteor
and bigger than life
Impossible to ignore –
(not that you’d want to).

She is the beacon of light
illuminating the night
and chasing the dark away.

But when she fades,
she is never missed
unless as an afterthought when
some may wonder
“Where is that light that was here…that time…
what was her name?”

Shadow Girl


There are days
and here again
there are Days
when words and thoughts
fail me.
Beyond the circuitry shorting out,
the brush, the pencil
and yes, even the pen
feel like foreign strangers
in my hand
unable to communicate
with my head at all.
The words are garbled
or non-existent;
the image is blacked out
while my thoughts
are everywhere, racing
And on these days
I wish I knew
how to draw a supernova.

Squeezing Time

What is in this for us?
You get all of me
I get
what time allows

What do we fight for?
Love and this
Yet we’re
squeezing time til it shrieks

Quickly, quickly now go!
Before we’re seen;
before She
gets home

before I have to have
another blazing row
With you.
With Her.

So tell me please,
what is in this for us?
There will never be
enough time.

I am yours.

You will never
be mine.

profile-picturePhe Needham is an emerging writer and artist from Boston, MA.  She has had her poetry published in Consequence Magazine, The Drunken Boat online literary magazine, and MassPoetry.org.

A combat veteran, Phe healed through art and writing and is active in online writing groups writing poetry, prose, and short fiction in her free time; and she continues to work full time for the US Air Force. She hopes to return to school at some point in the future in order to get her degree in creative writing.



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