Shifter by Jack D. Zeidman


Fiery presence, mind of her own
Shined as a kitten, and when fully grown
Gentle and loving, yet wild as the wind
My heart won’t stop longing to see you again

At times you were playful, as felines can be
Natural independence, unbridled and free
With each day’s new dawning, you let me draw near
I’ll remember that always, and hold back the tears

You gave me your world, and I gave you mine
Sharing those moments, sacred with time
You softened the daytime, and lit up the night
Cat-eyes a-flashing, shining so bright

Wherever I go, I’ll think of you
You’ll be there with me, in whatever I do
You are the greatest of all-time, you see
Forever I’ll love you, my dearest Kitty.

In Honor of Smokey, known
also as Shifter.

Jack Zeidman is a teacher/published writer who lives with the love of his life, his beautiful wife, Gladys, in Los Angeles, California. He has composed numerous short stories and poems, written and produced a variety of school holiday programs, and is currently working on a screenplay. He and his soulmate love animals, old movies, music, the beach, baseball, and, most important of all, studying the Bible. As they journey through life together, their faith provides Jack and Gladys with the deep, abiding support needed to weather the storms of this life. Both of them believe, however, that after every storm there may be a wondrous rainbow, and at the end of that rainbow is peace and happiness.


One thought on “Shifter by Jack D. Zeidman

  1. I don’t know if this is the same Jack Zeidman, but I had a teacher by that name at a school on Sherman Way in the valley back in the 80s. I have a lot of good memories from his class, he turned my on to Jethro Tull by giving me his Thick as a Brick album, which I still have to this day.

    If this is the same Jack Zeidman and you read this, I just wanted to say thanks, you were a positive influence on my life.


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