Photography P. 2 by Bailey Toksoz

Even though we share our bank information, last meal, and just about everything else on the internet, we covet our “privacy” fearfully. If I lift a camera toward an American, I believe I will receive an entirely different response. Whether that entails a peaceful change of action or a harsh, fearful reaction, it is much more difficult to capture humanity’s natural beauty here in the western world.

I aim to try. I want to break down barriers and build a portfolio of Austin’s people. I want to capture their feelings, their struggles, their pride and happiness. So here I go to hit the streets with nobody paying me and nobody caring, but if there is a chance that I can capture a special shot for just one person, I will surely get out there and try. Besides, these people change me.

baileyBailey Toksoz was born into a life in Atlanta, GA, in the United States of America to a mother, father, and an older brother. Now she’s a young 20-something-year-old woman who has a thirst for life and for humanity. Within the last few years she has started writing something each day. She probably has 15 journals scribbled with the most insane and strange, yet passionate thoughts.

Growing up, her family had a dark room in their house. Her mother was a photographer but she never imagined she would be one. Now she welcomes it with open arms, and feeds it with all the captivating sights that this world has to offer.

See more of Bailey’s photography on her website. Or follow her on Instagram.


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