Photography P.1 by Bailey Toksoz

There is so much magic within the eyes of a human being. Sorrow.. pride.. tenderness.. exhaustion, and regret. The eyes hold the truth to what lies within a person. They show which emotions and memories are controlling their mind and their heart.

I realize that it isn’t even photography that I truly love. I realize that my passion is humanity. I have tried photographing landscapes and scenery, but it ultimately seemed forced. There is just something about being able to capture what is going on inside of another human being.

I have been traveling now for some time and just settled down in Austin, TX, where I will continue to try and pursue photography. I am learning that it is a completely different world.

baileyBailey Toksoz was born into a life in Atlanta, GA, in the United States of America to a mother, father, and an older brother. Now she’s a young 20-something-year-old woman who has a thirst for life and for humanity. Within the last few years she has started writing something each day. She probably has 15 journals scribbled with the most insane and strange, yet passionate thoughts.

Growing up, her family had a dark room in their house. Her mother was a photographer but she never imagined she would be one. Now she welcomes it with open arms, and feeds it with all the captivating sights that this world has to offer.

See more of Bailey’s photography on her website. Or follow her on Instagram.


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