Poetry by Levi Dunn


Sin, Sweat and Blackest Magick


Standing nightmares tragic.

Hoodoo – Santeria.

Soul sold for new names.

Alter and Athame untame.

Lust, love and glamoured poems.

Rust-Doves send enchanted tomes,

Flaw’s Hymn – spirits rise, servants,

Skulls set in stones for dead games.

Touching lips metal and flesh arcane.


Hearts beat, like poetry and subtle addiction,

An Unexpected disease refusing remission

We have asked forgiveness – but not permission

Masculine arms, inked with flora, grapple

As softly I kiss her adam’s apple.


Immyr Was Gone

Immyr was gone, leaving us lost.

Betrayed by King, we steal our lot.

Forced to raze like our Ancestors.

And of their ghosts – Inheritors,

We swear our debt paid – coins of rot

White wolves know not, what they have cost.

A discourse in steel, to be taught –

Yet weary were we, homeless – for,

Immyr was gone.

Younger kingdoms were burnt and crossed.

Coloured towers remained in thoughts

And warmongers searched for little more

Than the dreaming city they had lost.

Immyr was gone.

20160907_204503Dunn currently lives in Indiana on the bizarre border of Kentucky and Lovecraftian horror. Attending IU Southeast, he studies Writing, Literature and Philosophy. He had been writing stories to supplement his childhood Dungeons and Dragons’ games when he first developed his love for storytelling.

He also plays guitar and sings in multiple bands.


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