The Affleck Riots by A.W. Owens


I’ve always been attracted to using a more minimalistic style in my artwork, it just gives a clean and ordered feel to it.  My first series, which became the main title to every series I’ve done since, was “The Affleck Riots,” which focused on randomness through color, shape, and opacity where series two “T.A.R. C+L” focused on connectivity using circles and lines with varying degrees of opacity with an added 3D Anaglyph style.

My artwork became more minimalistic with “The Off White Album,” which was my first series to move away from the 42 piece count I stuck to in the first two series.  “The Off White Album,” which focused on randomly chosen architecture located in Germany, and “The Blue Sides,” which focused on the past and present homes of mine, both feature barely visible architectural shapes with shades of white or blue varying in opacity on an off white or blue background.

Moving forward I started the CMYK series which focuses on object repetition in a loose CMYK color format.

image1-2.JPGAnthony W. Owens (A.W. Owens) was born in San Diego, CA and currently lives in Orland, CA.  Anthony is an Artist, Colorist (Comic Book), Graphic Designer, Map Maker and Editor.

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