Troubadour by Nan Geary

*”Troubadour” is a song written by Nan Geary as part of a larger lyrical project entitled “Words to Music”


I am a troubadour,
I sing amour,
The hating and the loving,
The taking the giving.

I string my harp with dreams
beside the streams
of my living,
of my living.

And I sing against the fear of tomorrow,
so my songs have a note of sorrow.

As tightly as in time
I live in rhyme.
I am bound in the strings
Of the sound of things.

And the rivers of my sleep
That flow so deep
Well up springing
In my singing.

And I long so hard for gladness
That my songs have a touch of sadness.

The notes are curving up
To make a cup
That’s for filling
With my willing.

And love I have times three:
For you and me
And my song children,
And my song children.

For the wishes that lie deep under
In my songs find a voice of wonder.

And my dreams, born in such sweet violence,
In my music they break
Their silence.


“Words to Music” is a collection of 84 song lyrics written by Nan Geary and spanning three decades. More information about this project can be found here.

unnamed.jpgNan Geary grew up in Kansas and went to a convent school. Both of these stark landscapes influenced her work. She likes to write music that is singable and poetry that is accessible without a decoder. Her work is distilled from everything she’s read or imagined or experienced — from the ridiculous to the sublime. You can read, listen, and decide which is which.

Listen to Nan’s music here.


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