Faith and Fear by D.J. Storm

Figure 1: This drawing was done as the first piece of art I decided to release for StormArtDesign. I was drawing multiple images and couldn’t get anything right over the course of several weeks. I then decided to put God first in what I was doing, that’s how I ended up with this painting. I put God first.

Figure 2: My wife and I were looking for locations to take pictures and we stumbled across this. I really loved how it was in public and someone wrote words of inspiration while another person tried to scratch it out. I find it a perfect reflection of society in that we all come from different walks of life and what some find as inspiration others find as offensive.

Figure 3: I have had a fascination with old civilizations, especially spartans. I wanted to capture a strong warrior yet still keep humanity, worry, or fears of war in his eyes.

img_0888D.J. started drawing at a very young age with influence from his parents. His mom is a fine artist and his dad a musician, and they guided him and his siblings into the arts. He stopped drawing for several years while he was on active duty with the Air Force. It wasn’t until his first deployment that he found art again, or maybe it had found him. Once he left the military he started to draw on occasion, until some of his friends suggested that he start selling his art. While apprenticing he found digital art and design, which led him to photography. D.J. does’t really have a particular style to draw or photograph. He just tries to capture the moment or state of being he is in.

One of his favorite art quotes is “Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Find D.J. on Instagram and Facebook.


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