Sierra-Tahoe Fine Art by Shanti Parks


Shanti Parks is a Miwok artist living in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, not far from where she was born. Her family has been in these mountains since the beginning, and she is proud of that. Living in this playground of recreation means that there is no end of inspiration for someone who loves to paint wildlife and landscapes. Every creek and hill holds some new beautiful vista to behold. When the seasons change, it is all new again.

picWhen Shanti began her family, her art really took a backseat to other priorities, but now that her children are older, she again picked up her paintbrushes and pallet and has been creating art, inspired by her surroundings culture, and life. Shanti is a traditional practitioner of her culture, an avid advocate for Native rights, and a supporter of art as a vital mental health tool, not only for the native community, but for society at large. Her work ranges from realistic, to illustrative and abstract. Some subjects, she says, just look better that way. She is a resident artist at the Maidu Museum and Historic Site in Roseville CA, with works on display regularly, and can be found offering paintings for display in local businesses in her small town as a marketing option for both parties to help her small town economy. She has been a featured story teller about her home in print and radio, and will be working on a YouTube channel soon.

To see more of her work, check out her website at There, you will find links and contact information.


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