Edelweiss by Joshua McGinnis


Tom sat listening to the breeze flow up the mountain to the summit. Although he missed the wind in his hair, it was much too cold to risk in this climate. Breathing was heavy. Every inhalation required more and more effort. The mountain side grew much more treacherous as the oxygen became scarce which is something even the most experienced adventurer had to account for.

The stillness was deafening. Few living thing chose to make the mountain their home. Those that did were rugged and spent having grown hundreds of years of perseverance. The life did not exude to create an invitational atmosphere.

His thoughts drifted to her. A flash and a memory. Her smile shining brilliantly in the sun, her small feet skipping to meet him, her arms around his neck staring upwards in admiration of the incomparable bond between them. He promised to always hold her close and he was true to his word. This was the farthest they have been from one another. She didn’t understand…… but she would.

He began to climb once more. Each step on the rugged stones cut into his boots. His feet were as heavy as his head became light. He wore his weariness as a cloak. It draped about his shoulders causing a slump that he doesn’t remember having since he wore his combat uniform back from the battlefield. Steps became shorter and shorter in an effort to keep moving.

Again his captivation of their bond led him back to her. He began to feel warmer as he recalled their last embrace. He kissed her deeply as she pushed back, standing on her toes. It was deep and passionate. He tasted her and she him. The pressure of their kiss could rival even the most glistening diamond or ruby.

His boots drug on once more. He was nearing his turning point. His eyes scanned the landscape. It almost seemed to elude his gaze. He moved through the rocks. It seemed as if he had made his journey for nothing…until he saw it. It stared back at him in a gentle serenity he had only experienced once before.


He opened the door and entered quietly. Kate was curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace. Her head rested on a down pillow that envied the softness of her cheek. He stepped slowly but she woke. Her eyes glistened as she gazed upon him. The sleep escaped her demeanor as she jumped up to meet him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He rested his in the small of her back. Their lips parted as they kissed slow and deep.

He stepped back and showed her the reason he had gone. The slopes, above the tree line, had grown the most beautiful flower in the world: the edelweiss. He began to speak, “This may only reflect a fraction of your beauty and grace, but it’s yours just as my heart flutters when I look upon you with to most perfect love I will ever know.”


3092c63Joshua McGinnis holds a MBA and M.S. from Columbia Southern University. He is a member of the NSLS and provides writing services from the Kansas City Area. As a combat veteran, he has traveled the lived in several different countries all over the world in which he loves to share. Please visit his website for a description of services.


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