Looking and Seeing by Clare Moore


I took this photograph at the Art Institute of Chicago on a trip in 2014. It happened in a moment. I was in the museum looking at painting after painting hanging on the walls, walking from one to the next, when I turned and looked down the hallway and saw this elderly couple gazing at the painting (you know, the one from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Almost without thinking, I snapped a photo and moved on. It wasn’t until I downloaded all the photos onto my computer and started sifting through them that I really stopped and saw this photograph, this moment, for the first time. To me, that’s the distinguishing factor of photography–the difference between looking and seeing.

IMG_2279.JPGClare currently lives in Virginia, just outsider her beloved D.C., where she is in the process of getting her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at George Mason University. But more metaphorically, she lives in the realm of possibility and imagination. She loves all things creative–drawing, photography, writing, composing music–and believes in creating an artistic community that can grow and thrive together.


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