Art by Connor Fenwick

As an interdisciplinary artist, I manipulate a variety of mediums on a daily basis. I take influences from many pieces of art and studies of human nature to aid in directing my artistic voice. Primarily a digital photographer, I often search for people and environments expressing their identity, and strive to document their progress and habits. I find photography to be so effective for two main reasons, the first of which being how quickly it can be shared and accessed. Secondly, photography has the ability to capture and replicate worldly beauties, which is defined in different ways for various people. Personally, I find beauty in people who exhibit a spontaneous air about them, and in the creative spaces they work and interact in.

Connor 7.pngConnor, as an interdisciplinary artist, manipulates a variety of mediums on a daily basis, taking influence from human nature to aid in directing his artistic voice. He has taken photographs for events, magazines, promotions, and personal use. He is a member of the National Art Honor Society, a Scholastic’s Art and Writing “Golden Key” recipient, and is currently undertaking an internship with Chicago artist Oli Rodriguez.

He studies photography, writing, and performance art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Check out Connor’s website.


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