September 7, 1993 by Betty May Ferreira


I am full of fall
Gold and orange
Musty leaves falling,
Baring limbs and Halloween are pulling me down
Into the gap between today and yesterday.
School smells, lunch boxes and
Milk bottles
Rattle my soul.


Defies the truth that
Autumn could ever accomplish what it set out to

Robbed of my expectation,
Cutting my teeth on the promise of equations,
The hope of understanding,
And the denial of turning knowledge into practical reality,

I fight the tears.

Betty May Ferreira has been a poetry lover since childhood, when her father brought home poetry that he collected during his Army career in WWII. He introduced his young daughters to Robert Frost, Shakespeare, and the whole spectrum of classical poets through poetry collections. He compelled his young daughters to memorize poetry for family recitals.

She has loved poetry ever since and started writing seriously as a teen. Some of her poetry is collected in a self-published book called Poemity Vol 1, and has a few more samples on her blog,


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