Art by Ed Moore

Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe

Artists have many ways of expressing themselves. I started with coloring books, discovered pen and ink in high school, and have enjoyed this medium ever since. I do color work in acrylic, too, but the black and white, pen and ink drawings are my favorite because they engage the viewer, requiring them to use their imagination.

When working in the pen and ink, black and white medium, I find that the brain always wants to draw logical conclusions. For example, when a viewer is confronted by something in a black and white drawing that doesn’t make sense – maybe something is left out or they need to imagine a tree in color – they add it in using their imagination. This process requires the viewer to interact with the drawing, which in turn makes the drawing become more personal to them – and they end up liking it. As an example, I drew a black and white of Yosemite Valley and purposefully left off Half Dome, one of the icons of Yosemite. A lady in Los Angeles purchased my drawing and wrote back saying it was the best drawing of Yosemite she had ever seen – even without Half Dome! I can only assume her imagination filled in Half Dome.

In my view, color is too easy on the viewer. Color provides everything. It doesn’t engage the imagination as much black and white, pen and ink. When viewing color, the only question the viewer has to answer is whether they like it or not.

Find more of Ed’s views and drawing tips on his Facebook page.

Ed started his art career as a child drawing in pen and ink, and that medium has remained his favorite over the years. He recently began drawing on various types of wood, too.

Ed also paints cowboy silhouettes under starry skies. He is influenced by the people and places that are part of his life – scenery, horses, cowboys, starry skies, and the music of John Denver. He grew up in Berkeley, but spent summers in Montana with relatives.

You can find Ed’s art at


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