“Queen of the Theater” by Nichole Heydenburg

photo-1450155155194-cd8ac3c4e18cAct one.

Powdered cheeks, artificially
Curled hair, eyes lined
Dark and vivid, costume
Flattering, she floats across
The stage with rehearsed
Precision, reciting lines like
She owns them.
She is shining, she is bright, she is alive.

Scene change.

Aria strides offstage,
Quickly slips off her costume,
And steps into the next.
She peeks through the curtains,
Sees them in the front row,

Act two.

Her movements are stiff,
Hesitant. Cheeks pale, hair
Lifeless, eyes dull. Aria stands
Centerstage, slips the rope
Around her neck, tightens it
With shaking hands. Regret
Consumes her, but
Death doesn’t stop for anyone.
Standing ovation for
The queen of the theater.
A man rushes onstage,
Realizes what Aria has done,
Screams to the others,
“She is dull, she is dark, she is dead!”


13932836_1390816347601596_2774922808845543611_nNichole Heydenburg graduated from Adrian College several years ago with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with an emphasis in writing. She currently works as a standardized test evaluator and freelance editor, while writing a murder mystery novel in her free time. She recently married the man of her dreams and is enjoying her version of happily ever after with him in North Carolina.


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