Elu by Sienna Turecamo

This project is in its beginning stages and will continue over the next nine months, culminating in an exhibition in Ruffin Gallery at the University of Virginia. Elu is the working title for this project. It means “beautiful” in the Native American Zuni language. My most fundamental desire is to create something beautiful that helps people see beauty in the parts of the world involved in my photographs.

This project began with my desire to combine three facets of my life into one artistic project; the world of art, fashion, and animals. That cohesion is continually evolving, and I am very much still in the process of finding out how to achieve that successfully.

The most important part of the image to me is the connection between the animal and person. In order to create each image I find a human and animal who have a relationship. I then put together clothing choices for the individual. I choose clothes and looks that are not outfits that you would wear everyday. As I continue with the project the outfits will evolve in the “avant-garde” direction.

Personally I am attracted to the idea of the wandering, bohemian spirit, and I think that is reflected already in this project. In many ways animals and my involvement in the fashion, art and photography world have provided escapes for me in ways that frees my spirit and feeds a burning wildness I have always felt within me. It is in this project I seek to express and fulfill that wildness by honoring all of the things that give me freedom and happiness in my crazy, wonderful life!

IMG_268189.jpgSienna Turecamo is a 21-year-old student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. She is a distinguished Fine Arts major with a concentration in photography. She has lived many places and experienced many walks of life in her short number of years.  However, one thing that has remained constant in her life is her own acknowledgment that she was born with the need to create. She has an unwavering desire to bring love, happiness, and beauty to people by showing the ways it exists in us all and in our Earth.

And so, with her camera as a tool, she wishes to dedicate her life to helping others understand their worth and their beauty. It is her goal to portray the inherent good found in the bad, the perfection found in the imperfection, and to capture moments that allow people to see those things or people around them from a different perspective.

As well as being a full time student, she has my own photography business, Sienna Turecamo Photography, in which she photographs everything from weddings, to newborns, to pets. It is important to mention that Sienna is also a signed model, and is very involved in the world of fashion, which influences her photography and art.

You can find her work on instagram and Facebook at Sienna Turecamo Photography.


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