Poetry by Garrison Wells


Night Comes

The listless moon
Fades to shadow
Hides its face
of shame behind a veil
of faux righteousness

Night comes then
with claws to shred the idled
Taking them in pieces
To the palace
Where the soul less live

Remnants I
Am I
Remnants you
Are you

It’s the unsaid that is important
The words not preached
For the preachers themselves
Are scarred and powerless

Their words do nothing
But call the maggots
Liars all to promise
Day without end

Rest then
For journey’s end
Sleep is easy
And promises naught but respite
From the madness
That daylight brings

Regret not! the moon’s passing.
The dark door opens
and the invitation comes
enter not like sheep
but like wolves
to eat the dark

Garrison Wells is an award-winning journalist and author. He has two poetry books available on Amazon, and his novel Nightgoer will be available soon.


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