Art by Stephen Sanchez

I am chasing rainbows in the dark. The prisms themselves do the work, I just bring them to the surface of the rough. Cut from blocks of optically pure crystal used to make lenses as well as prisms, the three dimensional landscape utopia inside the prisms are what drive me. Crystalscapes, I call them. Some symmetrical, most unsymmetrical, but I would classify it as random precision. Pieces that are rounded on the edge create Electric Static light in the rainbow. Actually, it is a refraction of a refraction with lightning.

IMG_2446_2Stephen’s father was an art student when he was born, so he grew up blessed and groomed from the diaper to work with paints. Growing up, he was always creating something. He attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco at seventeen, where he obtained both an Illustration Associate and a Fine Art Associate degree. Right out of college, he worked as an apprentice for a crystal sculpting master, who sold his work around the world. When that fell through and his father was diagnosed with HIV and passed away, he struggled with drug addiction.

After sixteen years, he was successfully rehabilitated. His father’s absence took a seven year painting toll on him, and the edge he once had was gone. He remarried, and with his incredible wife, who is also an artist, has been walking on the clouds since.

There is a huge difference in the styles of his work that shows when he sobered up. He still works with surrealism, but the anger and the rage is gone. Now he paints and sculpts the beauty that surrounds him, the very same beauty he took for granted for decades.

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