Poetry by Cassandra Parker


Salamander Tricks

Love like life
slams doors in your face.
Sunshine fakes the warm smile
that you bet his life on,
as flowers assault the Earth.

Leaves change hues,
salamander tricks
for another year,
but I can’t stop them
from sticking to my shoes.

What is the point of Winter
if not to remind us that ice is thick,
like your skin after dinner with my parents.

It’s not about rings,
but awakening seedlings,
ensnaring the senses
and other things.


Clean for a few weeks,
               dirty for months afterward—
When will I learn that you are not for keeps
                                                                           and force my head to turn forward?

At least we’re Eco-friendly,
constantly reusing until there’s nothing left at all...
               Maybe the environment is happy,
               but I am all Winter— no more Spring, Summer, or Fall.

Whoever wager a future on this—
               think again—
it’s not a long term solution.
Her needs are a landfill compared to his,
                                                                           but now her heart is sick of self pollution.

IMG_0285Cassandra Parker recently graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, and decided a nine-to-five day job just isn’t her style anymore. She is pursuing freelance writing contracts and other literary endeavors in the D.C. area while penning her own novel.

In homage to her favorite author, Ernest Hemingway, Parker’s style is driven by the idea of using real life experiences as content for every project, even fiction; she writes what she “knows about truly and cares for the most.” Her loyal tortoiseshell calico, Kat von Kitty, can often be found sitting on Parker’s desk as she works. Her favorite things include competitive sports, song lyrics, back roads, stamped passports, the smell of weathered books, and sea views.

Follow Cassandra on her website.


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