Poetry by Emily L. Manzoline



there’s a voice inside that will not be stead I am not delusional nor absurd
however this lunacy must be heard
trust your madness
for it brings balance to the perplexing brain

Why the Mountain Calls

Deep in the mountains where their story once peaked
She shares the same darkness within as they weep
Underneath the sheets of ice are the memories they keep
Thunder cracks for every scene rewinding in her dreams
Lightning strikes and the creatures scatter for cover
But really its her soul that is catching on fire

It’s within nature that she finds herself
Realizing she can not live without anyone else
She starts to hate the ordinary days
She would much rather strive in her madness ways
She starts to find refreshment in the blizzard
Knowing from great distance he can still make the body shriver

The woods can be dark and deep
But she knows she has promises to keep
So she bathes in the springs where her love boils over
Waiting for the day when the mountains get him to come closer

Little does she know he has been waiting for the perfect time to celebrate
Galloping over the cricks so he won’t be late
Rejoicing with a dance under the komorebi light
After a tender kiss their happiness sores in the wind like a box kite
Together they climb to the top again
This is when their adventure begins

image1Emily was born and raised a Michigan girl who has recently been relocated to the Colorado Springs area, thanks to her Air Force career. She loves the outdoors and will forever be her grandpa’s favorite hunting buddy. She has her family, along with her husband Andrew, to thank for always pushing her to become a better person and widen her horizons.


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