Invite the Darkness in for a Drink

By Stephen Reno

You’ll die with your secrets
That’s okay, they’re yours to keep
I have secrets, and when I die
They’ll be buried with me
So, be mine tonight
And let’s invite the darkness in for a drink
We’ll toast to calamity
That cataclysmic climb, to the top of all of our fragmented dreams We sure had a great run
My best friend
My enemy
My only companion, when the rain kept falling down
Raining for weeks
I was lost
Wandering around through the flooded streets
When I felt a familiar touch
Right before the water got too deep
Embraced within two arms
You whispered
“If you sink, I sink”

Stephen Reno  majored in Film, Theater, and Communication Arts at the University of New Orleans. He first started writing during middle school after reading A Farewell to Arms by Earnest Hemmingway. For some reason, that was the first book to really have an effect on him, and ever since he’s been filling up notebooks with a variety of different writings, be it just an idea, poems, short stories, or even random rants of dribble.

Throughout his life and still to this day, a wide range of different genres in books, films, and music, have been his greatest inspirations for writing. Also, after moving to New Orleans for college, a various amount of new experiences, both good and bad, enlightened him, especially when it came to growing as a writer, and hopefully an established one someday soon.

Follow Stephen’s work.


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