By Amanda Williams

It was like there were clouds above and below. Smooth to the touch, yet too far to feel with her own hands. It went on like a never ending void, all passing by at a rapid speed, waves of clouds going in whirling spirals all around her.

Ahead, as eyes focused, colors of black or a dark purple. As it grew near the clouds seemed to press in on her. There was a hole beyond the clouds that seemed to get smaller as if it was all out of reach. The clouds still kept a straight horizon ahead as her body seemed to move forward. It was getting closer. The mind can feel these things and the body reacts violently, heart pounding in fright, hands shaking, sweating profusely with all the horrid thoughts of what lays ahead in the swirling madness.

Yet, she began to ignore her body’s wish to return. Energy like a strong wind slammed into her; then more followed. Brutal waves tried pushing her, adding to everything in her body screaming no. The clouds still pasted around her and the hole ahead.

Slowly her body calmed, her heart became a rhythmic drum. Coolness surrounded her as a numbing sensation started at her toes and crawled up her body. The mind calmed, as the body did, of all fright of the unknown. The light ahead became a light pale shade of purple, then blue, and finally a soft white. Her mind felt the light and became free of all thoughts. There was no body anymore, but in its place was the feeling of being strong and warm.

She gave into the sensations of the whirlpool of clouds and colors around her, still watching and waiting for that soft light beyond the horizon. Free, she glided on the light that came closer around her. No body, yet she knew she was smiling as the soft colors wrapped closer. Every color she had ever seen was within the clouds now. The light was, at the moment, just ahead of her. Her new being felt at peace in every sense.

As the soft white finally enveloped her, she wanted to take in a deep sigh of relief, but there was no need anymore.

picAmanda is a married mother of two great boys. She can always be found writing in her journal or out back in the garden with the kids. Presently she has the problem with too many books and not enough bookshelves. Always interested in others view points and thought provoking words of wisdom, Amanda is always in search of different perspectives on the world and life. Her life revolves around family, nature and is her constant muse.


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