Photography by Jose Mendoza

Red Moon

“Red Moon” was inspired by the Blood Moon that was first beginning to appear on March 23, 2016. Penumbral eclipses are more difficult to observe because only part of the moon is eclipsed. This moon only appeared once this year, and I managed to capture it. The next time this happens will be in August 7, 2017.

The street light weighed in on the height difference of the moon, which was also significant towards how it makes us feel. The feeling of inspiration towards fictional characters or even alter egos. It’s as if you can be a different persona, a different character, a different feeling to your everyday life.

FB_IMG_1467330166976Jose A. Mendoza-Gomez was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and grew up in the U.S. learning two languages, Spanish & English. In elementary school he attended the bilingual school River Glen. He went to the charter school Downtown College Prep, where he found his passion for the arts in dance, poetry, and photography. For college Jose was accepted to The National Hispanic University. He became an eight time award winning author in various contests, as well as published by Eber & Wein Publishing Company. From there on his alterego as an artist kicked in, and he is now known as Jay Mendoza-Gomez.

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