Poetry by Garrison Wells


the sky born gray
a slash
the morning’s face

leave no stain

the dew
til sun
rise burns
the transient pool

A simmering mirage


He Wanted A Donut

He wanted a donut.

A single, sugary
glazed, sticky,
warm donut.

But he was bereft of
sweets, saddled with
diabetes at the
tiny age of
32 with a
heft that measured
48 inches around the
waist and knocked
up 345 pounds on
the scales.

He was
American born
of greasy
triple burgers
and fries, washed
with a thick, loaded, chocolate milk

He shrugged and reached
with pudgy fingers thick
into the box that
held the promise of

that lip-smacking thing
that drove his fat pocked thighs
from one poison to
for that thing
that one thing
that pleasurable buzz
like a heroin addict

A donut
a warm, sugary, glazed, sticky, round thing
with a hole in its gut


Worker’s Hands

Veins like rivers
through gnarled
monuments to labor

fingers like tree
trunks weatherbeaten

broken half moons
with time

life calloused
and in the
end empty

grasping nothing
unable even to make
an angry fist

mestandingbest.jpgGarrison Wells is an award-winning journalist who has written non-fiction books on the martial arts. He left journalism, at least the staff side of it, to follow his dream of writing poetry, novels, screenplays. So far that has resulted in two books of poetry on Amazon, a novel in search of an agent and publisher, and a screenplay looking for an agent and producer. The screenplay, Bradley Indians, is about a Native American baseball team in the late 1800s that is based on a story he wrote for a newspaper in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The novel, Nightgoer, is a young adult fantasy based on Cherokee lore.

Garrison is Asian American, Scottish, Swedish and Cherokee. He continues to write for newspapers, web sites, and magazines as a freelance writer. Garrison holds black belts in karate, judo and jujitsu and plays guitar, banjo and mandolin. His poetry books are “Drifts” and “madrigal.” Both are available on Amazon kindle.

Visit Garrison’s Amazon author page.



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