Poetry by Brande M. Eburn


Love does not know time or space
Distance or place
Gender or race.
Love knows sacrifice and sharing
Giving and caring
Risk and daring.
Love does not know poverty or wealth
Sanity or health
Being blind or deaf.
Love knows freedom and commitment
Support and fulfillment
Acceptance and forgiveness.
Love does not know hate or waste
Impatience or haste
Night or day.
Love knows healing and teaching
Holding and seeking
Trusting and feeling.
Love knows we bleed the same
We need the same
We weep the same.


His eyes are
deeper than the scars
cutting her.
He feels
each broken piece
she fails to hide.
His touch is
hotter than the hell
burning her.
He scorches
every inch of her skin
with desire.
His love is
stronger than the chains
choking her.
He whispers
“blind eyes
still feel,
see with your heart.
I am here.”


He tasted sweet and naughty
on the tip of her tongue.
His eyes held her prisoner,
but her heart said run.

me lee2 (2)

Brande M. Eburn is a writer, wife and mother. She wants her writing to transform her readers; enveloping them in worlds of love and lust, pain and sorrow, existential pondering and dream states. And hopes they’ll want to read more. Brande loves art, inappropriate humor, travel, chocolate, coffee, and conversation. She believes you shouldn’t be judged for using four letter words in everyday conversation because they add humor, emphasis and are so damn versatile.

You can find her in these social media neighborhoods:


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