My Winter’s Summer

By Daniel Brito

I sat on the riverbank hugging my knees trying to convince the winter wind to find someone else to whisper its frozen thoughts to.

I stared at the current hoping it would take all my thoughts and fears and drown them as it made its way to the ocean. I didn’t have a bottle to put them in.

All I could do was talk to the river and hope that it would listen and understand me.

It has now come down to just anything that would hold me and listen. It was all I wanted.

I opened my coat and invited the wind to embrace me. I started to feel the warm memories tumble out.

At first, they came one at a time; soon each one rushed to the exit and pushed their way out. My head ached listening to them scream.

There was no more room for them. Maybe there was no more room for me.

I listened to the water and the wind whisper the past.

I let the feeling of cold wash over me; I started to feel the warmth of life begin to wash away.

I realized that I was now standing in the river.

The ghost of the man that held my hand when I learned to walk has been talking to me in my dreams. I again feel like a child trying to understand the lessons he’s trying to teach me. I will forever be; his little boy.

I miss that man and the little boy I once was.

I now feel the hell of this winter as I stand alone wishing that the man in my dreams would come back and hold my hand one more time.

The winter wind has lost its battle to the burning heat of the hell that I feel.

This will forever be my winter’s summer.

IMG_2608 (1)Daniel was born in Washington state where he lived most of his life, and moved to Colorado where he lived for a few years, and just recently moved to Arizona where he has started his new record label, writing music, and producing other artists. He has written many songs and toured where the music was the engine. Writing stories has been a dream and a passion for many years and now that time has come to follow this awesome journey.


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