Poetry by April Davis

Lady in Black

Through the window her silhouette stands.
This is still her house, this is still her land.
Years have faded her memory in time,
But she will not leave cause murder is a crime.
What was done to her here, tells a horrific story to all.
She was accused of witchcraft and hung by night fall.
The towns people then killed her children too,
They set fire to all their bodies, what an awful view.
So here she stays haunting all who come.
Running each of them off, one by one.
She fills their heads with gory sights.
Then keeps them up with the sound of screams at night.
Once you have been there you wont go back.
Not once you have seen the lady in black.


Eye of the Storm

You could not see me coming,
no way to be warned.
All the hurt inside me,
I am the eye of the storm.
Calm trickery surrounds you.
The scenery quite a majestic view.
Then the madness astounds you.
Left standing are very few.
I will prevail that which disturbed me.
I've remained silent far too long.
For those that made me suffer,
will know that they were wrong!

received_10201615533705946.jpegWhen April Davis is not assisting in business operations, she spends time writing poetry. This is her passion, but most importantly, a way to reach out in hopes that others are able to find inspiration in her words. April is a mother of three beautiful children, loves animals, and seeks to find the hidden treasures left in the world.


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