Photography by Chloe Mirabal

I’ve always found nature beautiful. I wish to travel the world so that I can discover more. I find the unknown very interesting. As I look at something, such as a flower, I always think of how beautiful it is, and how unique it is from the others. I compare this to humans because that’s what we are, beautiful and unique in our own ways. As I’m hiking, or at the lake, etc… I always think to myself just how beautiful the world is. Although I adore the city, when I’m outdoors everything just feels so good, and everything is appealing to the eyes.

AirBrush_20160514123707Chloe will be seventeen when the leaves begin to fall. She has always had some type of passion for taking photos and writing. They are her ways to be free, to feel better about any situation put in front of her. She has lived in the city most of her life, but tiny towns are where she’s from. She’s recently been reaching out to people to share her photos, as well as writings, with the world. She’s a very caring person, and if you ever reach out to her through social media she will most likely respond. Chloe wants the people in the world to feel connected to the words in her writings and see the beauty in her photos the way she does.


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