Hansel and Gretel

By Michael J. Citak

Hansel and Gretel,
the story of sweets,
the story of witches,
the story of treats.
The gingerbread house
with its edible walls,
the frosting for mortar,
the chimney, the balls.

The children they wandered
but into the woods,
their parents had warned them,
yet the kids understood.
The woods they were haunted
by a withered old witch.
She lived in the forest
alone with an itch.
Her itch was to eat
young children who played,
who walked in the woods,
they stopped and they stayed.

Hansel was fattened
by the withered old witch.
She wanted to eat him
one bite by the inch.
While Gretel stood by him
and helped in her way,
she plotted revenge,
on that cold summer day.

“At last,” said the Witch,
“Hansel’s fattening’s complete.”
She asked helpful Gretel
to be such a sweet.
But Gretel she plotted,
she told the witch, “No.”
She didn’t know how,
so she asked her to show.
So the withered old witch,
she scolded poor Gretel.
She said, “Ready your hands,
It is hot for a kettle.”

Then the withered old witch,
she had opened the oven,
all heated and ready
for Hansel to cook in.
But as the witch did,
miss young Gretel took act.
She shoved in the witch,
shut the door with a smack.
“Curses,” she said,
as she baked in the oven.
“All I wanted was children
to eat and for loving.”

But now she was gone,
no more withered old witch.
She burnt in the oven
to a withered old crisp.
Then Hansel he fasted
to bring down his weight,
and Gretel went back
to baking a cake.

Alas they were free,
they had beaten the witch.
They went home for dinner
but ate not a pinch.
Their parents had asked
but they gave no reply.
Young Gretel just thought
they would not want to hear why.

So time passed to fall,
when the leaves were a falling.
And the children they wandered
to the woods, were a calling.
And started the story
once again with the house,
a creature was stirring,
this time a mouse.

When the children walked in
they were frightened with fright.
The witch she came back,
but this time for a fight.
And before she could change
from her mousily disguise,
young Gretel’s big shoe
was a sudden surprise.

She flattened the witch
and she stomped her to death,
and she crushed up her bones,
finally put her to rest.

No more withered old witch,
no more withered old house,
no more candy cane trim,
no more fuss with a mouse.
But before the witch died
she had one last request,
to live on forever
a poem she thought best.

IMG_3093From acting, singing, painting to writing, Michael J. Citak is a multi-talented artist who currently resides in Cocoa, Florida, with his 6 year old rescue pup named Trooper.  Originally from Connecticut, Michael started following his dreams after high school, first to Pro Wrestling School and then to acting in films and TV shows, most notably in Oops A Desi– a feature film that went to cinemas in Bollywood- and the Chiller Channel’s first original movie Steve Niles Remains, where Michael was the only actor to portray 3 zombies.

Michael started writing in 2005, having amassed over 140 poems, including a handful of long form poetic stories, two screenplays and one novel, in addition to penning and recording a few country songs for his debut album Love & Heartache. In June 2013 Michael’s single “What A Catch” broke the top 40 charts in Ourstage for the singer/songwriter category. Michael’s main passion is now making modern expressionism paintings, taking photos of flowers and spending time at Disney.

Connect with Michael:


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