Art by Paz Yglecias

For me, my work tends to simultaneously be about the experience I’m having during the process of drawing and painting, and the message I’m trying to convey. I’m not sure what category my work and I fit in – most artists tend to make their work about themselves or an extension of themselves, or tell a story about themselves, either directly or indirectly; while I feel my work ranges from shedding light on seldom recognized issues that I want to bring to the surface- to making something pretty for the sole purpose of having the spiritual and connective experience during the process of art making. To capture and convey something onto a paper or canvas takes the entirety of my being – and I surrender myself to that.

Currently working as a graphic designer and having received his Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication in Phoenix, Arizona, Paz currently resides in the city of his birth – El Paso, Texas. The son of a now retired Army Sergeant, Paz grew up overseas in Schweinfurt, Germany for most of his childhood (11 years) and has been exposed to a multitude of cultures and influences. Additionally, these influences range from comic books to kung fu movies to anime and norse mythology – all things that would inevitably be the inspiration of most of his work. He has drawn most of his life with a keen curiosity and interest in traditional art-making; but has studied graphic design as a professional and is now in the process of combining those two worlds together in a harmonious and unique undertaking.

See more of Paz’s artwork at:


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