Art by Natalie Gomez

Through my art I attempt to address the illusion of duality and separation in our perception of reality to reveal the interdependence of all things. Because I see this illusion as arising in the mind, my work deals primarily with consciousness at its different levels (the subconscious, conscious, superconscious) and its perceptions of reality in both the physical and metaphysical. I depict the different strata of mind, metaphorically using landscape (symbolic for masculine energy), morphing it into the figure of a female (feminine energy) to represent the physical body as a vehicle for consciousness.

ArtistPhoto.jpgNatalie Gomez collects her thoughts in 88 cent composition books, her most valued possessions. She loses herself in her mind and finds herself in the pages of books. Referring to herself as neither an artist nor a writer, Natalie sees herself as a painter of words and an composer of colors. Born in the mountainside of El Paso and currently residing in the hillside of Austin, TX, Natalie finds a home in any place with a landscape to wander through. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and is in the pursuit of a life to be painted and a story to be told.


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