Floater Sketches

Sometimes architects need to enjoy barrier free expression without everyday reality parameters such as building codes, and structural limitations.

Take some mechanical niblets & giblets, draw them like a Michelangelo study, and dimension it as if it will get built. The result is a Floater sketch: an architectonic brainstorm cross pollinating between exploratory sketches, mechanical schematics, and a computer crash.

Seldom are artistic drawings noted and given dimensions like a construction document, but Floater pushes to bring measurable order out of the seemingly chaotic brainstorm.

Schooled as an architect and residing in southern Tornado Alley, Floater’s generation was the first to grow up on video games and Japanese cartoons (sometimes one and the same). Due to a very demanding career schedule, Floater struggles finding time to pursue art. Turning lemons into lemonade, he keeps a clip-board handy, and sketches at any opportunity available.

Check out more work:
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