lavendarBy Jack D. Zeidman

Written for Heather, by Jack, her brother (on behalf of Jack and Gladys).


Lavender spirit, purple and true

Fairies and glitter, and butterflies, too

A soul that is giving, a heart made of gold

A shimmering star-child, a lifeline to hold


A love for the living, her kindness will shine

A friend for the ages, a blessing divine

A sister so gentle, a daughter so dear

I pray that forever, she’ll always be near


Stained glass and sparkles, rainbows above

Special creations, borne out of love

Those who are distant, and those close at hand

Are touched by her goodness, like ocean by sand


So, long may you glimmer, and light up our world

Beloved sister, our lavender girl

We’ll eternally love you, it’ll always be so

We’ll be there for you, and this you can know.

Jack Zeidman is a teacher/published writer who lives with the love of his life, his beautiful wife, Gladys, in Los Angeles, California. He has composed numerous short stories and poems, written and produced a variety of school holiday programs, and is currently working on a screenplay. He and his soulmate love animals, old movies, music, the beach, baseball, and, most important of all, studying the Bible. As they journey through life together, their faith provides Jack and Gladys with the deep, abiding support needed to weather the storms of this life. Both of them believe, however, that after every storm there may be a wondrous rainbow, and at the end of that rainbow is peace and happiness.


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