Poetry by Brande M. Eburn


my wicked thoughts will not be tamed
will not be silenced, buried or changed
but only grow more wicked every breath
breathing your name.
my wild heart will not be still
will not be stopped, chained or broken
but only grow more wild every time
your name is spoken.



he still shines like polished steel
trapped under nailed up boards
and barbed wire
he carefully constructed.
sometimes he smiles with empty eyes
and thinks that i don’t notice.
i feel his quiet sighs
heavy with every word
he purposely leaves unspoken.
sometimes he shines like the sun at night
and i can see
through cracks in the steel
his heart is completely broken.



i’m tumbling backwards through pasts,
locked gates and smiling knives.
her words slice through me
a map of invisible cuts
a portrait of this life.
i’m escaping strangled memories,
ribbon wrapped lies and vodka.
her sickness infects every part of me
making my hidden scars bleed
a canvas covered in drips of pain.
a path of destruction
i’m my mother’s daughter.
i’m to blame.

me lee2 (2)

Brande M. Eburn is a writer, wife and mother. She wants her writing to transform her readers; enveloping them in worlds of love and lust, pain and sorrow, existential pondering and dream states. And she hopes they’ll want to read more. Brande loves art, inappropriate humor, travel, chocolate, coffee, and conversation. She believes you shouldn’t be judged for using four letter words in everyday conversation because they add humor, emphasis, and are so damn versatile.

This is the first time her poetry has been published in a literary magazine.

You can find her in these social media neighborhoods:



One thought on “Poetry by Brande M. Eburn

  1. awsome !! brande , so happy for you and for me to say i know her shes a close friend . Good luck with everything you do . xoxo


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