Murals and Illustrations by Rachel Sommer

“I don’t have a specific process for each canvas or wall that I paint, however if I am working for a client I like to do research about their business or idea and really get a good idea of what they want. This is fun for me because, as I get a wide range of requests, I get to learn about a lot of different areas of life. If I am painting or drawing for fun, it’s a totally different story. It’s an opportunity for me to put my latest thoughts and ideas into a visual format. Often it represents what I’m currently going through in life; so on a personal level, looking through my past work is always very interesting.”

34 REPURPOSE  (14)Rachel Sommer is a self-taught, American born artist. After travelling to Melbourne, Australia; she found a love for street art in the famous Hosier Lane. Heavily influenced by low-brow, fine art, and design; Rachel began painting her own murals and now has work in Melbourne, New Zealand, and America. 


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