Art by Nancy Thepmanivong

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I have always been so scared to show my art work to people (especially on social media) because I fear they’re going to think it’s stupid or not good enough. I’m learning not to care about what others think, and I’m slowly getting out of my comfort zone. I’m being brave and putting myself out there.

About 2 years ago I started painting and it quickly became an outlet for me whenever I felt really stressed or anxious. The more I painted, the more passionate I became about painting. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and like to be in control of whatever I’m doing in my everyday life, but painting gave me the break to breathe and to just let go. What I love about painting is that there isn’t any right or wrong way to do it. There aren’t any rules that you have to follow. All you have to do is experiment!

IMG_5524Nancy is an abstract artist from Rhode Island. Through the medium of paint, the goal of her work is to use color, texture, and form to create a visually stimulating image. She expands her abilities through constant experimentation.

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