Poetry by Hayden Bergman

Summer Night Rhythm
As she walks to the sounds
   of the rhythm of the street,
there is laughter in the night
   of the man that she’ll meet.

As he smiles he can taste
   change in the summer air,
while the odor of the smoke
   gets caught up in her hair.

As she drinks the desire
   from his wanting green eyes,
For a kiss he is longing.
   Only dreams will provide.

What I should have said


I must confess, my dear,
that I have but one care;
to lie with only you in
the live oak’s shade,
and listen as leaves sing
praise of love well made.

photo_.pngHayden Bergman graduated with a degree in Spanish from Texas Tech University. In his five years at school he had four jobs, two girlfriends, and a constant love for poetry. Hayden currently lives in Seville, Spain in a vibrant neighborhood known as “La Macarena” while preparing to enter the M.F.A program at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Fall 2016.


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